About Small Victories


At Small Victories, we make nearly everything in-house; from churning our own organic butter, culturing yoghurt, fermenting and preserving fruit and vegetables and curing and smoking our own small goods. We are passionate about using ethically raised animal products and seasonal local produce to bring fresh, flavoursome food with integrity.



ANYONE can open a cafe, right? And many do, armed only with a sandwich press, a converted garage and high hopes. But not everyone can open a cafe like Small Victories – a chic transformation of the former Rathdowne Street Food Store – with a dream cast of hospitality high achievers and fine-dining food at cafe prices. Expert staff set you up with the right bits and bobs, and Small Victories hums with the surety of hard-won hospitality experience. Perhaps its greatest victory is that these on-paper credentials translate so well – and then some.’